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USA / Canada / Alaska – the big camper adventure

You’ve always wanted to see the USA, Alaska or the provinces of Canada with a camper, motor home, car or recreational vehicle. Your dream can come true. Highway Camper can provide you with your dream camper for your holiday in the USA, Canada or Alaska. Enjoy the wildlife in northern Canada and Alaska or visit some national parks like Grand Canyon, Monument Valley or Brice Canyon in the western states. Enjoy the camper adventures in North America.

To experience all the natural beauty of the USA, Canada and Alaska, you’d better get yourself behind the steering wheel of a camper, van or motor home. Highway Camper can provide vehicles such as vans, campers, motor homes, cars and recreational vehicles on a buy with buy-back, or lease basis. If you plan only a short trip to the USA, Canada or Alaska, we can offer you a quote for a camper rental. Ask us for a free estimate with detailed information and pictures about your camper, van or motor home. We will make every effort to ensure that your holiday in North America is as enjoyable as possible.

With us you will get some big advantages:

  • You can trust in our experience with vans, campers, motor homes and recreational vehicles.
  • If you wish, we can help you to plan your camper holidays in the USA, Canada or Alaska. We can even provide you with vacation ideas for North America.
  • With us, you’re number one – if you have any special wishes we always do our best to make those wishes come true.
  • If you need some references from past customers, we will be more than happy to provide you with some addresses.
  • Once you are on your camper trip you can reach us during business hours via phone, fax or email.
  • You can leave your empty luggage with us as well. We will store it for you at one of our station in North America.
  • With our campers, motor homes, vans and recreational vehicles you can see all of America, Alaska, Canada and even the Northwest-Territories. You always get unlimited miles. One ways are available.
  • You will get a fully detailed owners manual with information and pictures for your van, camper or motor home.

Car and camper sales with guaranteed buy-back in the USA, Canada and Alaska

If you plan a long term trip to the United States of America, Canada or Alaska you should study our “camper buy with buy-back” system. Even for six weeks or longer a camper buy with buy-back can cost less than a camper rent.
With us you have many choices:
You can select a camper from our existing fleet in North America or we can arrange for you a specified camper. You will receive from us a fully detailed confirmation with pictures and vehicle information. We will provide you with a worry free motor home, because we fully inspect and service all our campers before you start your trip in the USA, Canada or Alaska.
Our friendly staff in North America will provides you with the highest quality standards in the camper industry. At time of vehicle pick up, you will receive all documents of your van, camper, motor home or recreational vehicle. Your car will be insured and registered and you can just start your trip and enjoy every day.
Leasing of Vans, Motorhomes and Camper
All our vehicles are completely cleaned and prepared. Gasoline and propane will be full. We will demonstrate for you all the functions of your motor home, camper or van. Additionally we will provide you with a detailed owner’s manual. Travel accessories such as dishes, pans and cooking items are available for your camper trip in the USA, Canada or Alaska.
Even during your camper adventure in North America we can assist you and give you important information about your motor home. You will be able to reach us during business hours at our stations or at our main office in Switzerland. At the end of your holidays in the USA, Canada or Alaska we will buy your car, camper, motor home or recreational vehicle back, for a guaranteed price. Highway Camper wishes you happy planning for your camper holidays in the USA, Canada or Alaska.

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