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Information for camper purchase with buy-back and leasing options

Camper reservation

Please order your motor home, camper, van, car or recreation vehicle (RV) in the USA, Canada or Alaska as early as possible, because you can benefit from a greater selection. It takes up to 10 days to process the insurance and registration for your camper. We will insure and register your vehicle before you arrive in the USA, Canada or Alaska. With all the paperwork already taken care of, you can start your North America trip with your own camper, motor home, van or car immediately.
Monument Valley

Car insurance

All our vehicles are insured for travel in the USA, Canada and Alaska. The driver must have a current driver license from the country of residence to obtain insurance coverage. The minimum age for all drivers is 21 years at the time of vehicle pick-up in the USA, Alaska or Canada. We provide liability insurance for every car, camper, van or motor home in our fleet. For newer cars we provide additional collision and comprehensive insurance. Trips to Mexico are only allowed with permission from Highway Camper. Car insurance for travel in Mexico must be purchased directly at the Mexican border. If you travel further south like Guatemala, Belize or South America, we can provide you with car insurance for this area.

One-way travel in North America

One-way trips between all our stations in the USA and Alaska are possible. In Canada you can do also one-way trips with our vehicles. During your trip you can travel the whole USA, Canada and Alaska. At the end of your trip, you must return your camper, motor home, van or car in the same country where you received it (if you pick-up your auto, camper, van, motor home or recreation vehicle in the USA or Alaska, you must return it in the USA or Alaska – if you pick-up your camper in Canada, you must return it in Canada). We do not offer pick-up or drop-off in Mexico. Please inform us about your travel destinations.

Miles / kilometers for each day

Motorhome Standard
For your holidays in the USA, Canada and Alaska, we always provide you with unlimited miles / kilometers, if you order a camper, motorhome, van, car or recreation vehicle from our fleet. Take your time to enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty of Northern Canada and Alaska or visit the beautiful national parks like Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and other well known points of interest in the western states.

Camper condition

All our campers, vans, motor homes and cars are maintained and serviced at a high level to provide a worry free vacation in the USA, Canada and Alaska. Gasoline tank and propane tank are full. Your camper is completely cleaned inside and outside. Our friendly staff will demonstrate for you all the functions of your camper. In addition, you will receive a fully detailed owner’s manual with information and pictures about your camper, van or motor home.
Delicate Arches

Quote for motor home, camper, van or car

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It will be a pleasure for us to forward you a fully detailed quote, with pictures and information about your camper, van, motor home or car, for your trip in the USA, Canada or Alaska. Please complete the quote form and forward it directly to us. In return, you will receive the quote for several campers. Please forward your request as early as possible to assure yourself the best selection from our camper fleet.

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